During all our adventures and trips we encountered so many great and friendly people that we found out that the world is a better place than a lot of us like to think or might even believe. People from all over the world have helped us regardless of their wealth or financial possibilities.  On the other hand, we’ve also seen a lot of poverty and especially when this poverty affects kids, it’s heartbreaking.


Because we think that big charities and foundations are not always effective anymore, we want to do something ourselves so we can manage every single dime, penny or cent that would be donated and be sure that it would also go to the charity and not end up somewhere else. We want to support a charity that focuses on the disadvantaged kids of the world, as they are the future of our planet. ALL THE DONATIONS GO TO THESE TWO PROJECTS:


We go to schools that don’t have the necessary means to provide enough educational materials and provide them with paper, pencils and crayons or any other materials they need. We buy locally the necessary educational materials for the kids and go to the schools to directly donate this.



We go to orphanages or other disadvantaged kids to give them toys that will help them in their creative stimulation, such as the famous legobricks and minifigs. We buy lego and give them these presents that will stimulate their creativity and bring them hope, dreams and happy times.


To be able to do this, we need YOUR help also! So how can YOU help and make a difference? By either donating money directly to our charity or by sending us your legobricks and minifigs so that we can donate them to the children in need, where they live. (just send us a mail for more information about this)

How will you be able to know that we are actually spending your donations on this cause and that this is not “again” a cause that will never reach it’s purpose? Simply! Just follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing as we  give full reports with pictures and videos every time we were able to make the difference! If you have questions or really want to help us, just get in touch: charity@wanderingsouls.be

We hope we have convinced you to help us helping disadvantaged kids in the less fortunate regions of the world by making a donation today!


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Alternatively, if you prefer to use a banktransfer instead of Paypal, please contact us for this.

We and the kids thank you a lot for your generosity! And remember, we are not getting paid for this, ALL of the donations go to this project!