After a few visits to the doctors, specialists, blood testing and some CT and MRI scans in the hospital, we got the verdict for Kim… she has a Spinal disc protrusion and the same in her neck. Both can become more severe and form a full spinal disc herniation so we’re glad that we called it a day in time before it got worse!

On the picture you can see how the spinal disc (black) is pushing against her nerves (white) and thus causing pain.

kim2 copy

If you are really bored or curious here’s the Wikipedia article.

The cause of this is described amongst other things to be:

Disc herniations can result from general wear and tear, such as when performing jobs that require constant sitting and squatting or driving.

We don’t have to look further to know what caused this problem. Kim’s job has been sitting behind a desk for the past few years and when not sitting behind a desk we were traveling the world, driving vehicles or riding bikes.

In any case it’s a relief it isn’t anything “more serious” but this also means no more riding the bike for the next weeks/months for her (and me…?!). So we’re planning the next stage/chapter of our lives right now as it will inevitably mean taking it a bit more relaxed from now on.

The bikes should arrive next week in Belgium and we will, unfortunately, sell them. (or maybe not, you know how it is when you don’t really want to do something) So if you are interested or you know anybody, please get in touch! Just to remind you how they look:



So considering everything, we have started planning our next chapter in our lives, but more about this later… ūüėČ