Despite the fact that we decided (hum-hum) more or less to go either south or east for this journey, we also made a detour to Wales, the western part of the United Kingdom. The reason is simple, to attend and give some presentations at the HUBB meeting. This is an annual event that we’ve attended several times in the past, both in the UK but also in the USA, Canada, Germany and Kyrgyzstan.

This time we committed to give 2 different presentations, one about our last 3 years of our life (traveling from Canada to Panama and then relocate to the Canary Islands) and one about financials. We get a lot of questions all the time about how we can afford to travel so much and for so long, so we finally decided to entertain some people who were curious about this. Apparently, this is really a hot topic, as our presentation was on friday morning at 9am, and despite this unholy hour, a lot of people came to hear about money and finances.

Anyway, we had a great couple of days with meeting old friends, making new ones, talking and generally hanging around other nice and interesting people. But we have a ferry to catch to get back to La France, since we finally decided where we want to go this trip, how long we’ll be gone and more or less how we want to do it. We’ve only been on the road for the last 2 months without knowing where to go… 😉