I left Greece “as quick as I could” as I just don’t like the place. Yep, I know some will call me crazy, but then some of you don’t like Germany and I do… I arrived in Plovdiv, the second biggest city of Bulgaria. The outskirts are like all cities (in Eastern EU) grey, dull and boring. But the old town is really nice and lively. Again a good find and again I should have stayed a day more than I did. If there’s only one lesson for me to be learned about this trip (and I mean the whole 3 months) then it’s that I need to go a bit slower sometimes and stay a bit longer in places I like, and not rush to the next point. But then that’s my problem, I always want to go further and farther beyond the horizon as fast as I can… need to change that for the next big trip! For now, the coolest picture playing around with the bike offroad:

So Plovdiv, nice hostel I stayed, good food and not expensive. Next day to Sofia where I couchsurfed again. They had an antique flea market with a lot of nazi and soviet stuff. Some was fake, some was real. And yes I bought something, but I can’t tell you what it is at the moment as it has to be a surprise for Kim also. What I also bought was some real home made honey in a small village in the mountains where there was a small market going on. Since I was the only non-Bulgarian walking around I was the attraction of the day…


From Sofia I went into Serbia and arrived in Belgrade. You know, the big, bad, mean Belgrade that the US bombed a few years ago? Well it’s a cool city, that’s my opinion. And what’s more, is that the Americans just have their embassy right across the street where they bombed a few buildings to scrap… Talking about being hypocrite… ?!


Oh yes, apparently they knew I was coming so they got all the TV crew ready for me…





Aug 14 2012

  1. KIM

    Coole Offroad! Whoehoe, pakje!!! Hou van jou! Groetjes van uw schoonmoeder en de Bomma!

    08-14-2012, 5:53 pm Reply
  2. amaai nu was het wachten om terug thuis te komen om je een berichtje te laten , maar volgen blijf ik doen hoor.
    mooie foto’s 🙂
    voorzichtig en geniet
    dikke knuffel

    08-16-2012, 7:00 am Reply
  3. mum

    Super photo de toi sur ta moto!

    08-16-2012, 3:43 pm Reply

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