Actually the tv crew was for the homecoming of the Serbian olympic team. Damn, they know how to throw a party/venue for them. The whole city was on it’s head with fireworks and flags and stuff… It was bigger than our new year or 21st of July.

From Belgrade I went back into Bosnia as I like the place as a matter of fact. Great for riding, just need to dodge the cops with speeding camera’s all over the place. Went to see a few places of interests and then continued into Croatia. The idea was to have a stop at the seaside somewhere and to stay there for a day. Couldn’t find a place that was not overcrowded with tourists so I gave up and decided to go back to a place I liked where I stayed earlier. So back up to Kranj at the nice hostel of Peter. He was really surprised to see me back and we had a good laugh. Although the last few hours I spend driving in the rain. I met these french guys who are walking and parapenting all the way. They just walk up a mountain and then fly as far as they can and start walking again to the next mountain… how cool is that! Today I will go back into the Slovenian, Austrian and Italian mountains for the last few days.





Aug 17 2012

  1. mum

    Njoy your last days and come back home safely!
    Ici c’est la canicule …
    see you soon!
    zillion kisses,

    08-17-2012, 7:52 am Reply
  2. KIM

    Als ge natuurlijk een medaille meer hebt als België, zou ik ook een groot feest geven… Ziet er allemaal heel mooi uit! Love u! X

    08-17-2012, 8:52 am Reply
  3. die toeristen zitten overal in de weg hé !
    geniet sebbie

    08-17-2012, 4:00 pm Reply

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