Changing plans

First of all, sorry to you guys that we haven’t updated our blog sooner! But there’s a reason for that…

We left the HU meeting in Germany and went straight to the south, into Switzerland. Oh boy… we were welcomed with a kind of snow blizzard. All was white with more than 15cm snow on a lot of places. Roads where of course slippery and they were putting salt on the roads, something I really don’t like… the bike suffers too much from that! Anyways, we arrived rather white-ish in France a few hours later where there was no snow, yipieeee, but where we got blown away from the roads by huge lateral winds… bummer!

After yet another day of pain and agony, we both had a big talk just outside of Barcelona realizing that 2-up on a bike is not our thing. I feel like a truck driver with a heavy machine under my ass and Kim is having pain in her knees and neck. We also realized that after many years of bike traveling together, this is not meant to be for us. Kim doesn’t really like driving a bike, and we both agree that with two on a bike is not enjoyable for either of us. So what to do next… I could have put her on a plane in Barcelona direction home, but in the end, we are 2, so I decided to make a U-turn and to just go back home with her still sitting behind me. We just made it in 1,5 days from Barcelona to Antwerp, something that was far from being enjoyable, but then we can turn the page to the next chapter of our travelbook…

What we’ve come to realize is that traveling together, in any way, with one or more bikes is not going to work for us. This is a really a sad conclusion, but it is hard enough doing it, let alone doing it against one’s will. So from now on, the big bike trips I will be doing by myself. I will definitely go with the bike to Mongolia and back next year, but it will be by myself.

For now on, we still have a bit more than three weeks of holiday. Neither of us wants to leave this and go back to work, so we decided to look at some (cheap) alternatives with last minute flights, combining hopefully some good weather and some or a lot of adventure(s). After looking for a few hours on the internet this morning, we’ve decided where to go, and just changed the stuff from the bike into the backpack and are ready to go somewhere else for another adventure. We won’t spoil the surprise to tell you right now where it is, but if all goes according to plan we should be there within 48 hours… We will only be armed with some clothes and a map of the place if I can find one tomorrow… so stay tuned for more… although I will make a new blog for this, but if you are getting this by mail, no need to do anything, you should get the auto updates like this one automatically.

See you in 2 days… 😉


Nov 1 2012

  1. mum

    OK kiddo’s, keep us posted!
    And enjoy your next adventure(s) …

    11-02-2012, 4:24 pm Reply

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