70000 tons – part I

Ok, so today we left on time at Maria’s place to get to the cruiseship for our Heavy Metal cruise.  We said goodbye to our trusted friend, the Mustang, with tears in our eyes and got a real yellow cab to get us to the dock.

We had already seen the ship from the distance when we passed the docks to get to the airport, and they were still loading all the music material and all the things to set up the podium.

We arrived at the docks and by then it was really good to see wich of the four ships we had to be on….  all the passengers for the other cruises were nice family people with fancy clothes, and the ones we had to join were all dressed in black and all the guys had long hair!!!

There was a whole checkin before we were allowed on the ship and all the booze was confiscated, but they let us pass with our water and cola. The ship itself was really like in the love boat, but instead of the fancy dressed people and the quiet music, there were metalheads and metalmusic!!!

Just before we left, there was a commandatory drill, in case of a sinking ship and everyone had to go to their lifeboat. We were all in lines like little schoolchildren, untill they started a wave at the other end of the boat! It turned out that we were next to some bandmembers that we didn’t know, because in fact, we only came for 3 out of the 42 bands!!! The rest we just don’t know.

We went for dinner in the evening, but it turned out that when we sat down, the band we wanted to see would be performing in 30 minutes, so we asked the waiter to speed things up and we skipped desert.

After the band was finished however, we went back to the restaurant, just to get our desert (hey, we paid for it, so we want to have it!!!)

Turns out that the pizza place is open almost the whole day and night, so that is good for a late night snack, or a snack in between meals!!

Jan 28 2012


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