70000 tons – part II

In the morning we went to the merchandising store, to see if we could get a t-shirt from the cruise or from one of the bands and it turned out that there was already a huge line waiting. The merchandising for the cruise was on one floor and the other merchandising on another floor, so we split up and started waiting, and waiting, and waiting…. I waited one hour and a half and I got to the front of the line to order, when it turned out that my card wasn’t activated yet…. The guy told me I wouldn’t have to wait in the line anymore, but could just come back after it was activated. I took the t-shirt to go and see where Seb was, and he was still not inside the room on the other floor where the bandmerchandising was!!! It turned out to take another hour and a half before we got to the front of that line, but we got the t-shirt we wanted so in the end that was ok, after waiting more than 3 hours…

We bought a poster of the cruise that we got signed by a whole lot of members of different bands (even some we don’t know!!!)

The performances untill now were awesome!!

For the ignorants amongst you, the guys on the pic are from Nightwish, Kim’s favorite band!

Jan 28 2012


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