70000 tons – part III

Ok, so yesterday we heard that the tour we wanted to do on the Cayman Islands was not possible because the ship was running late. Instead of arriving there at 7 am we would only be arriving at 10. So we booked another tour to see the Caymans by Jeep and go to Hell and back….(Hell is a little town in the Caymans for those who were wondering!!)

They had told us that we had to be on the second deck at 9:30, but when we arrived there, there was already a waiting line up to the third deck!! The line we were in yesterday was nothingh compared to this one! Seb was getting nervous that we might miss our tour, so he went to guest relations and they told him that we could skip the line (so un-Belgian like!) and go to the second flour to wait for the sea shuttle. Unfortunately word got around about our skipping the line, and a lot more followed….it turned out to be total chaos on the second deck….aaghhhh!

In the end we mannaged to get on the first shuttle out to the Caymans to start our adventure. When we went on land, you should have seen the faces of the other cruiseliner people (happy family with too many children, elderly people and the typical socks in sandals tourist!). We were a chaotic group of longhaired metal guys and tattoued girls all dressed in black on a freakishly hot day!! Cool man!!!

The tourguide was a Jamaican dude who was really good. He explained a lot of the stuff about the Island, Ya Man!

We met some nice French guys on the Island (who were also on the boat off course) and they shared the Jeep with us (and they even let Seb drive….silly buggars!) One of the guys has actually got the same job we have, but then in France and he gets to travel around quite a bit.

Before we had to go back to the boat we could sit on the beach for two hours and Seb went snorkeling to get some underwater footage of the fishes (and I stayed on the beach of course because my fish fobia is not over completely and I didn’t want to scare them away with my splashing!)

We had to take the local tourist bus back to the docks, but the one with all the other guys from our ship was full, so we had to take another one…. yes you guessed it right, it was one of the ‘normal’ tourist busses with the elderly and with the sock guys!!! Oh my god, we were the only two dressed in black on that bus, but the people were really nice.  The busdriver was a whole other story!! He thought he was a racecar driver, speeding, running stop signs, racing through a red light, speeding passed the other cars were he was not allowed to and many many more of these foolish things!!! One lady behind me was sreaming all the time and some people just had their hand in front of their eyes!

Back on the boat we saw some more great concerts. The one from Nightwish on the pooldeck was totally awesome!

Jan 28 2012


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