70000 tons – part IV

Allright! This is one of these days that we won’t easely forget, hell, this day just went into (our) history! So by now you should have an idea about how this floating festival is going on, the fact that you can run into a lot of band members anywhere on the ship and that there’s no single area that’s off limits for anybody… So we did manage to go to no less than 15 venues today, a few covering our favourite bands. When I was at the Tristania concert, first row of course, the band stopped the conert as they had an announcement…. the guy next to me dropped to his knees and asked his girlfriend to marry him! This was just insane! I’ve just never ever seen any band stopping their concert for something like this! Afterwards I went to Channel Zero which is a Belgian band and they made a really good first impression to a lot of people. With the last song the singer went into the public and he said that everybody could go on stage…. it took like 10 seconds and all the people stood on stage… the security guy couldn’t do anything and was ok with it, the singer bribed him with a beer…. hahahaha!

In the meantime, I (Kim) was outside getting a tan (or getting fried like a lobster, it’s just how you like to see it!) and listening to the bands that were performing on the pool deck. Oh my bloody hell, they were off course all the real heavy metal bands!!! My ears hurt like hell and my hair was in de ware (joke that only my family would understand….it’s dunglish!!!) Just how much wind can there be!!

I wanted to go to the gambling hall, to play for 5 bucks, but the stupid machine didn’t want to give me change, so I said the hell with it and made it an early night. By this point I was already very sick! My nose is running like crazy, my ears hurt and I have a sore trought! I was up all night because I kept loosing my handkerchief and my marathon running nose wouldn’t stop!!

Seb stayed out untill 3 or something like that and went to the karaoke bar were all the bands were singing real silly songs! Just try to imagine these guys singing romantic songs, some of them in their own way!

Jan 28 2012


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