70000 tons – part V

So, these were just 5 bloody f*cking amazing days! All things considered we got a lot out of it and did all we wanted to do… Seb got his boatpass signed by In Extremo, Kim got hers signed by Marco from Nightwish, our 70000 tons poster is so full of signatures from 20 or so bands that you can’t even see the picture anymore, got the plectrum & signed (free) cd from Sapiency, got the plectrum and signed (free) cd from Channel Zero, while watching Therion, all the guys from Nightwish were standing next and behind us for an hour! Last but not least……… when we waited at the airport for our flight to NY, the whole In Extremo band and crew stopped right next to us where we sat waiting, Seb still had his sweater from them on and so they laughed at their one and truly fan! J we talked for almost half an hour with all these guys and managed to get their artist wristband of 70000tons! (every performer on stage got one, nobody else – exept now for me, wooooohooooooo!)

Honestly, I was looking forward to this week, but it turned ou far batter than I had imagined or hoped for, we’ll just try to forget the bill… J

We flew from Miami to NY, with a big delay and oh man, those americans are cheap bastards! We had to pay 25$ as our one and only bag was a few inches to big to be considered as handluggage. They didn’t pay and took their cases on the plane andr tried to stuff them anywhere they could find a place. By the time we got on our seats their was no more room for our backpack. So Seb got angry and started shouting that he had to pay 25$ for a bag that’s smaller than the one’s in the plane and that he now couldn’t stuff his backpack anywhere…! So they made space for our backpack and we finally took of.

The busride to Times Square was hell!! I think it was the worst driver we’ve ever had. Seb and me were both almost trowing up! The good thing however was that the bus stopped about 300 meters from our hotel.

And what a hotel we have…. we have our own kitchen, kingsize bed, very spacious bathroom and killer tv!!!! Cool man, and this only at walking distance from Times Square!! New York, here we come!

Jan 28 2012


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