Back to Kyrgyzstan…

So after a night’s sleep at the Kara-Kul lake in Tajikistan, it was time to go back to Osh and see Kim. I heard from a fellow motorbiker, who met Kim in Osh, that she still wasn’t ok and that she was to stubborn (as usual) to take antibiotics.

Some views of the beautifull lake:

And again in no man’s land. But this time the weather was way better so it made up for nicer pictures also:

There’s something we don’t really understand in Kyrgyzstan, is the way they build their houses. I can understand if you make it only with the containers but this is quite strange, they started with normal bricks and finished it off with containers…

I was making good progress that day, I knew the road already, and was getting tired on the bike, so I stood up driving 90+km/h. Not much to the liking of the police apparently so I got pulled over. After a few minutes their attitude changed completely and we got on the picture together and they gave me fresh “home made” honey. So I needed to give them both a sticker. But I wouldn’t have imagined that they would actually put our WS sticker on their police car!

I arrived back in Osh and we started sorting things out. Kim was still sick and didn’t want to continue the bike travel anymore, so we needed to change plans somehow. After some debate we decided to sell the bikes here in Kyrgyzstan (we actually talked about this a month earlier already) but now needed to actually do it. So we also went to the local tourist information (you just cannot compare it to a EU tourist information office…) to ask how we could go on public transport to Uzbekistan, since we have the visas (and the time) to do it. Once there they asked us if we had some time as the Kyrgyz national television was looking for foreigners to interview, as on the 31st of August they celebrate their independence day (1991 from the USSR) and wanted some comments from us… Of course we said yes! So we went with them to some spots in the city being interviewed etc, not knowing what would happen with the footage.

There would also be a Horizons Unlimited Meeting in Osh a few days later so we decided to end our motorbike trip there. We started at the HU meeting in the UK more than 3 months earlier and would finish our trip at the HU meeting in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. So we went to the meeting, actually we were the only two ‘travellers’ to attend the meeting which was kind of a shame for all the effort Patrick and the others put into it, but it made it nice and intimate. There, the mechanic recognized us as he saw us earlier on the Kyrgyz TV in the morning! So they did actually aired it, but until now we haven’t seen it. We’re trying to get hold of the footage…

We also went for a short ride up the mountain for the view, and then after seven some more ‘local’ bikers came and all of a sudden we were asked to do a ‘small’ presentation of our trip… So I did (good rehearsal for the HUBB UK 2014 meeting!) and apparently I didn’t do a to bad job as it was well after eleven when we finally left…

Last view of my beloved yellow steel horse, I will miss you! You took me the last three years everywhere I wanted, (almost) never let me down and you were good to me as I was (hopefully) good to you… you’ll always be in my memories!!! (djee… I sound melodramatic, but actually that’s the point.)

So what’s next? Well, we ain’t going to be home in the next days, that’s for sure! We bought some suitcases for all our stuff, gave everything else away and hopefully by the time you get this in your mailbox we are on our way to Uzbekistan… on foot! So stay tuned (even if it’s not on bikes) for this and we’re already planning the next big(ger) trip…


(from next update on, Kim will to all the typing again)

Sep 3 2013

  1. Ik ken nauwelijks mensen die zo’n reis maken. Het is ook mijn droom zo’n reis te maken naar minder bekende, minder populaire bestemmingen van adembenemende plekken van onze planeet.

    09-03-2013, 12:43 pm Reply
  2. Dad

    The stars are coming home to the smal people, youpee

    09-03-2013, 2:49 pm Reply
  3. keimooie foto’s !!! wat jij allemaal gedaan krijgt van die mannen ginder 🙂
    een sticker op hun auto (jawadde)
    benieuwd naar de uitzending van de tv daar !
    ocharme sebbie , de tranen in mijn ogen door je afscheid van je moto , er komt nog wel nen andere denk ik 🙂
    dikke knuffel en blijf in goede gezondheid
    mam pap en boms

    09-04-2013, 12:03 pm Reply

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