Close by the city of Copan they have build a bird park and nature reserve called Macaw Mountain. The park has a mixture of natural botanical gardens, native plants and birds. Most of the birds, parrots, macaws and toucans have been recovered from captivity and can fly freely in large aviaries. They have very large and well maintained walkways that are wheelchair accessible. It’s just a shame that most tourists (if they already get in Copan) don’t even visit this very nice park!


When you see how healthy and beautiful these birds look, you know and feel they are well taken care off and loved!


Some of the aviaries are open to the public, so you can walk amongst animals like the toucan. Kim didn’t really know if she felt safe at this moment, especially when Seb said: “honey step a little closer to the toucan!”.


This parrot liked to talk to himself a lot, but we didn’t understand a word it was saying, he was probably talking in Sparrotish…


The park has a wonderful collection of Macaws and they also have a type of rehabilitation thing going on for some birds. When they bring in wounded wild birds, they make sure they nurse them back to health and afterwards they release them back to nature and this is why there are so many wild Scarlet Macaws flying around at the ruins.


The blue and yellow macaw.


We have no idea what he was licking, but that sure is a long tongue!


In addition to all this they even have a coffee plantation where they produce Coffee Miramundo and where you can go and see the harvest and the roasting during the season. The coffee machine they have at the coffee house produced some real fine aroma!


Besides all the wonderful birds you can see at the park, they also have some tiny mixture of a spider and a crab, walking around there (it walked sideway and it had spider like eyes). When Seb came too close with the camera, the thing jumped on his camera and tried to attack it…hhmm, time to back away slowly from the teeny tiny beast and surrender!


” Look me in the eye and try to see what I have seen…”


If you go to Honduras be sure to stop at the Macaw Mountain park because it is not funded by the government and it’s existence relies solely on the visitors. Give these birds the future they deserve, look him in the eye and see how much he needs you!