Chiang Mai to Pai

After the first night, we shared a taxi with Mel into the center of Chiang Mai, because she wanted to go to another guesthouse and we wanted to go and look for a scooter to rent. After 5 minutes (and after Seb doing what he does best, ‘afpingelen’) we got the scooter we wanted, the Honda PCX 125 cc and went for a tour through the center. The picture is of a Honda ‘trapt-em-zelf’, which we didn’t take in the end….

The local taxi drivers are always asking about ‘Hugo’, we really don’t know what their fascination is with him but they always ask us ‘WHERE HU GO?’

The scooter is super and the town was nice to ride through. We went to some local markets and just had a fun afternoon. In the evening we went to the local night market, which was really touristy, but nice. I saw every woman’s dream, a stall full of purses….



At the market we heard a lot of girls screaming, so we went to see what was happening and saw a local pop star giving a show at a beauty type of shop. He could sing, but we didn’t understand a word…

At night we met up again with Mel at the rooftop bar, where there were a lot of other backpackers and we had a cool view over the city. There was a swedish girl there who went to the Tiger center where you can have a cuddle with a real life tiger…. yeah, you can guess… the tiger bit her foot and she had to spend 4 days in the hospital. It was her first  day out and what did she do, go up to the ROOFTOP bar with her friend to have a drink. Little did she think about going down off course… so when it was 1 o’clock (yes they close at one, because they had some problems with drunken tourists) and we had to leave, we all had a great laugh when she was trying to get down the stairs!!!

This morning we set off to Pai, in the mountains, to do the first small trip around Chiang Mai. We had a super trip through the mountains on a local ‘snake road’ (they call it that because of the amount of curves) and did some rock climbing in the Pai canyon.


We saw some really cool temples on the side of the road and one of them had this creature that looked like it came straight out of a Steven King book!!!

We are now at an eco lodge type place, with an amazing view and really nice owner (John is Dutch and Jeab is Tai).



Nov 11 2012

  1. kimmeke zoveeel sjakosjen, amaai daar had ik weer lang gestaan hé .
    ik zie aan de foto’s dat jullie een grave reis hebben!!!!!
    amuseer je nog supergoed !!!
    hier ist toch maar grijs en grauw en voor de rest alles oké !
    dikke knuffel
    mam en co en bomma xxx

    11-11-2012, 8:45 pm Reply
  2. diene Honda trampt-em-zelf zou misschien niet zo slecht zijn voor Big Budha zijnen belly……. 🙂

    11-14-2012, 12:50 pm Reply

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