Departure – 7 days…

Oh boy… my head is switching between complete numbness as I have enough of the preparations and want to leave, and between the fear that I still need to do a million things before we leave. The paperwork was (and still is) a nightmare! But in the meantime we have a Russian Humanitarian/Cultural Visa for 6 months (don’t ask…) and the Mongolian Visa is also in our passport so ready to go!  We will only need to get the Afghan, Iranian, Turkmen and Iraqi visa while on the road (or others if we change plans – which just might happen…).

Only one more week and we’re off for yet another extreme adventure! Since ‘security’ is an issue we also invested in a SPOT Messenger, this means that once or twice a day we will activate this and it will put a mark on the map where we are at that time so you can ‘follow’ us on a map. Just look under “on tour” and then “where are we now?” button on the left side (it’s not working for the moment, as I will only activate it once on the road.)

Anyway, our apartment is rented out and we are camping with my parents at this time. Needs some adjustments but we manage. And I think my parents will also…

I hope the last parts that I need for the bikes will be there very soon as now it gets really close to departure time and I still need to fix a few things to the bikes.

7 more days…

7 more days of worrying, checking, fixing, preparing, changing, thinking, hoping, dreaming, waiting…

7 more days, and then our lives will never be the same again!

May 21 2013

  1. He he, jullie waren precies van de aardbodem verdwenen…!
    Ik tel mee af! Sebke, niet te zenuwachtig maken, ‘t komt wel goed! Ik kijk uit naar ‘t vervolg!

    05-22-2013, 6:40 am Reply
  2. mum

    hope you’ll have an amazing trip, see magnificent sceneries, meet intresting people, have the experience of a lifetime, live awesome moments, have a ball, and after all of that, both come home save and sound !
    we will be waiting for you to …
    zillion kisses.

    05-25-2013, 12:09 pm Reply

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