Germany…snow…cold…where’s the sun?

We arrived safely in Ober-Liebersbach, but only a few hours later than we had planned. The reason for this being that our friendly cloud from last trip to Scandinavia and Russia has found us again. I think we only had like half an hour no rain, the half hour that we had a tea-break inside a gasstation…

You are probably wondering why we are in Germany, if we are on our way to Morocco… The reason being that there is a HU-Meeting here and I could give a photo-workshop to some other motorcycle travelers. This is an interesting meeting as we met Ian, a 70 year old guy who has been on the road with his bike for 13 years now, while his wife is still at home…They’ve seen eachother 7 times in the last 13 years. Imagine this! Ian’s bike looks like this after so many years on the road:

The other thing is that it’s freakin’ cold here… the temperatures are just hanging around freezinglevel so our tent and the bike are also getting a bit more white than they should be, and even with all our sleepingbags (we have inserts for colder weather) we are still too cold at night. Need to do something about this before the next trip. Weather forecasts for the next days don’t really look too well either, so we’ll just have to make the best out of it. Our tent, the bike and me talking rubbish to my sheep… hehe… :


Oct 27 2012


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