Home, but not for long!

Ok, so I arrived also safely home after doing 1900km in two days at an average speed of 80km/hour so have fun figuring out how long it took me to get home… and yes, my ass hurts like hell! The DRZ is really not made for long journeys, or at least not for me!

Anyways, I’ll have a two day rest and then I’ll be on the road again. Since I will be on my own, I took the liberty of buying back my preferred bike, the might BMW GS Adventure. And I will be updating the blog back in english, so (almost?) everyone can follow and read all the silly things I have to tell you.

The only problem I have now, is that I don’t have the registration paper for the GSA… as apparently the Belgian office for car registrations is 3 to 4 week behind schedule. No way I’ll wait for 4 weeks, because then the party is over and ‘real’ life begins again to go to work everyday. although I prefer to think that the real life is out there on my bike…

Another nice thing is that Tatiana, whom we met in Transnistria has made a rather interesting blog post about us. It should hopefully be published in an article somewhere in the near future, or not. Whatever happens, I hope you all can read Russian and if not, just look who’s in the pictures… 😉

So stay tuned for more the following days and I will also try to finish the last two movies from Moldova and Rumania.

Jul 24 2012

  1. “buying back my preferred bike, the might BMW GS Adventure”

    euh, and what happend with the yellow beemer????

    07-24-2012, 2:43 pm Reply
  2. SEB

    ingewisseld he, anders kon ik de GSA niet kopen!

    07-24-2012, 2:45 pm Reply
  3. das zachter voor de poep en rijdt sneller hé

    07-24-2012, 8:24 pm Reply
  4. mum

    how many bikes did you buy since your first DUCATI?
    or have you lost count???

    07-25-2012, 1:53 pm Reply

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