I feel sLOVEnia…

Ok, so you’re probably thinking “where is he?” So I thought I would give you an update of the last 1900km…

I ended up in the French Jura on saturday evening and had some fun getting there through the Departementales. Except that my friend the friendly-but-wet cloud has found me again…. so I had to put on my raingear.


The day after I left for Liechtenstein, but as my host for the day (a South African living in Liechtenstein) and I made RV at 1600 already, I had to hurry to get there. I had to hurry too much… and yes I git flashed at the end of a tunnel! Damn thing, I just hope they don’t send it to Belgium. But I think I will already have to save up some money for that.

Then the road leads to Switserland again through te Swiss Alps and then the Italian ones… Of course I did stop to get some pictures and enjoy the views:





From there I went more east again to meet with my new host for the night, Steph who is on holidays herself in Italy as she is currently living in Australia with her husband. I had the experience of a real Italian dinner and breakfast with mama, papa and Steph.


From there on more of La Bella Italia and then into Slovenia! Let’s say that I am really impressed by this small country! Now I know why they call it the Swiserland of the Balkans, but in my opinion it’s better than Switserland…! So beautiful and clean, I only met friendly people so far and I even managed to get the GSA inside in the hostel in Kranj (a small little nice city in Slovenia) after I fixed their front door that was broken. I also met up with Vic, a Luxemburger who is living in Belgium and we mailed before we left Belgium to meet up and ride along, as he will continue afterwards to Asia on his GS. So at least we are both not alone riding in the same area.






So now I’ll have some breakfast here in the Hostel runned by Peter, a friendly guy who has also seen a fair bit of the world and with whom I had some great chats yesterday evening. Then we’ll go to Ljubljana to visit the city and go to a BMW dealer as again I am “hearing noises” from my engine and it worries me. I’ll try to give you more and frequenter updates now, but the past few days were really exhausting and long days of riding through all these curves in the mountains.

Aug 1 2012

  1. och ik ben blij dat je geniet en een rijmaatje hebt, hoop dat alles oké is met je moto en dat geluidje de vogeltjes zijn daar hihi
    good luck

    08-01-2012, 6:41 am Reply
  2. so, you ‘ve got your picture taken, hé??? a few days on the road without Lady Kim and bingo, you should have taken your yellow bike……

    oh yeah, please look out for fallen bikers seeing those warning sings..

    08-01-2012, 7:29 am Reply
  3. KIM

    Ik ben wel jalours zenne schat! Zo’n mooie landen en foto’s! Onzen Spaansen overbuur heeft blijkbaar ook nen GSA…lol! X

    08-01-2012, 8:02 am Reply
  4. mum

    Happy to read the latest news!
    pretty pics and nice new bike … reading a good book?
    Glad you found someone to ride with.
    your (less) worrying mum!

    08-01-2012, 4:18 pm Reply

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