I’m home…

Ok, I just got home from the trip and I still need to adapt after being on the road for 3 months on the bike… Not sure if I actually really want to be home though… But since I’m here now I will share some pictures from the last days. As you can see I also fixed the “ballroom” for the bike…




The 10 minute movie about the whole Balkan trip you can see here:

Some facts & figures about the 3 months trip, both on the DRZ and the BMW…

  • Total distance driven on the bike: 20.782km (this is half the world my friends!)
  • Bribes: 0 (I should get a medal for this!)
  • Police stops: 2 (Transnistria & Bosnia)
  • Fines: Switserland (still need to get it) and Bosnia (talked my way out of it)
  • Countries visited: 30
  • Border Inspections: 0
  • Got a free Moldova sticker from the border guard there and the same happened in Croatia
  • Times lost: hmmm… none I would say
  • Cheapest fuel: Russia (0,75€)
  • Most expensive fuel: Norway (2,2€) – no surprise here…
  • Cheapest paid accommodation: Macedonia
  • Most expensive paid accommodation: again, no surprise: Norway
  • Most difficult borders: Transnistria followed by Russia
  • Countries I liked a lot: difficult one; but I would say Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bosnia, …
  • Places that I liked a lot: Sarajevo (BiH), Belgrade (SRB), Ohrid (MK), Sint Petersburg (RUS)…
  • Place I didn’t like: Greece (no surprise here)
  • Best experience: Lake Komani (Albania)
  • Paid/free accommodation: 63/37%
  • Total money spent: well this is a tricky one, but I managed to survive and travel for 3 months for less than 50€ a day, all-in (fuel, food, accommodation & souvenirs)

Problems with the bikes: (Suzuki DRZ400 and BMWR1200GSA)

  • Brake disks changed in Belgium
  • Lightbulb changed in Greece
  • Chain & sprockets changed in Finland
  • Engine blow-up in Romania (bike home on trailer)
  • Nail in rear tyre in Albania, fixed it in Kosovo
  • Battery dead in Slovenia (replaced)
  • Problems with the drive shaft in Slovenia (replaced)
  • Pannier broke in Bosnia after fall (fixed it on site)
  • Got my cookingstuff and spare parts stolen in Ukraine

I probably forgot a lot of things, but I think that a lot has been said and otherwise you’re not going to read this anyway!

Then, I would like to thank all the people I met on my way, YOU WERE ALL GREAT! I enjoyed our meetings, conversations, time together, basically just being in your company. I am glad I talked to all of you, as you all had something interesting to share and so I was never really alone… the world is not as scary as many of you think, or maybe I am just lucky to dodge and avoid all the bad places and people? Anyways,


See you in 2013 for the next episode…. hehe!




Aug 21 2012

  1. mum

    Souvenirs? Which souvenirs? I didn’t get any souvenir …
    But then you came home safe and sound: I suppose that’s the best present a mum can get!

    08-22-2012, 10:11 pm Reply
  2. je kan beginnen dromen over je volgende reis !
    das ook plezant

    08-23-2012, 5:12 pm Reply
  3. sorry, niet akkoord met uw kilometer stand.
    ge zijt minstens 1500 km over en weer gereden om Uzlef te filmen………..

    08-23-2012, 7:55 pm Reply

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