Kiev and the fixing of the bikes…

Allright, so we are in Kiev, but the Suzuki mechanics will only be working from tomorrow on, so we had 3 days rest in the meantime waiting to get some things fixed on the bikes:

– On Kim’s bike the 2 bolts that are holding the gastank on the bike have gone and so the whole gastank is just resting on the bike and holding by the tankbag on it’s place. Don’t need to tell you that this is a dangerous situation so no way I would continue offroad if this hasn’t been fixed. On my bike they are both there, so I am starting to wonder if there are not just two bolts somewhere on a shelf in Belgium, forgotten…

– On my bike the engine coolant is leaking out of the engine, so not really a good thing. We had the same problem with Kim’s bike two years ago in Morocco, so this should be a quick fix, if they have the rubber part that I need to change…

– And then new tubes, as my rear one has been patched up 4 times now and the front one also 2 times, I don’t feel confident on going all the way to Mongolia offroad without at least new spare tubes in our luggage for both front and rear tires.

So in the meantime, walking around and enjoying the sights of Kiev and hopefully we will be on our way tomorrow as we both had “enough” of the not being able to ride offroad since the weather has turned for the best now! If we are lucky and can be on the (off)road tomorrow, it will probably take a few days before some internet again, so you’ll see it when the ‘spot’ moves on the map that we are doing ok and riding again!

Jun 10 2013

  1. mum

    Nice pics, as usual!
    I hope the bikes will be completely fixed tomorrow, and that you can continue your journey, especially now that the weather has turned for the better.
    Can’t wait for the next update…

    06-10-2013, 8:38 pm Reply
  2. Always look on the bright side of life!!!! Ge ziet wel: na regen komt zonneschijn! Ik hoop voor jullie dat je ervandaag weer tegen aan kunnen!!!!!

    06-11-2013, 6:52 am Reply

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