Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



We found this decorated tree on the 89A route in Arizona near the town of Jerome, so we thought it would be a nice background for our Christmas picture. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you, may you continue to dream and work to achieve your dreams! All the best from both of us and stay tuned for the next updates!


Dec 23 2014

  1. was die boom al versiert speciaal voor jullie ? xxxxxxxx

    12-23-2014, 6:12 pm Reply
    • SEB

      Natuurlijk, ge kent ons he!

      12-24-2014, 4:27 am Reply
  2. I knew you’d like 89A ! Jerome is a funky little town isn’t it?!!! People there are all into energy vortexes and other strange things, so it doesn’t surprise me that you ran across a decorated tree in the middle of what seems like nowhere! I used to motorcycle around there back in 2000 – 2006 on my way out to California or on my return trip home. Motorcycling is like that for me; it all about the journey and the places and people you meet along the way that makes it all worth while and memorable. Think of all the stories you will have to tell your grand children one day when you are both sitting in your rocking chairs in front of a roaring fireplace wiping your chins with a drool towel and not really envying the young ones because you will both know that going through life once is beautiful and interesting enough! I hope you have a great trip in Mexico and probably even further south. I hope you have a happy holiday in the next few days. I’ll keep an eye out for you from afar here in Connecticut.

    12-23-2014, 6:44 pm Reply
    • SEB

      Hey Nick, yes thank you a lot for sending us around, we enjoyed that ride a lot after the more boring ’66’… 😉 And we even had some snow on the way, so great!

      12-24-2014, 4:33 am Reply
  3. Ken

    Merry Christmas to you both. I love your Hondas. I have 2003 CB 750 Nighthawk which I enjoy. I’m not as adventurous as you two though. I enjoy your site, thanks.

    12-23-2014, 9:19 pm Reply
    • SEB

      Thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy our website! 😉

      12-24-2014, 4:29 am Reply
  4. In dit prachtig kader is het niet moeilijk jullie een zalig kerstfeest toe te wensen. Jean en Monique

    12-23-2014, 10:29 pm Reply
    • SEB

      Bedankt en voor jullie natuurlijk hetzelfde! 😉

      12-24-2014, 4:16 am Reply
  5. Kimmeke en Seb, Een zalige Kerst en een gelukkig, spetterend maar vooral gezond 2015, zodat de vele uitdagingen die nog in ‘t verschiet liggen, gemakkelijk (?) kunnen worden genomen! Mieke en Warre

    12-24-2014, 10:43 am Reply

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