Not to much text this time, I’m exhausted and need some sleep, so more pics and less blabla:

I get to the border in the middle of the mountains between Bosnia and Montenegro where both countries are divided by a river. There’s a ‘bridge’ over it, and that’s the border point. This picture was taken from Montenegro with view on the Bosnian side.

The “wow” effect that I had in Slovenia and afterwards in Croatia is coming up again in Montenegro. Maybe I am jut lucky with the roads I’ve chosen (in the meantime I found local good quality roadmaps so no more road secrets for me!) but this one is just completely breathtaking!





On my way down to the south I see some ruins from an old castle/fortress on a hill and I am interested to get there. There’s a sign that shows “the way”. Afterwards I’ll know that it’s a walking trail. I did it with the bike… The expression on the face of these two experienced walkers when I got there with the bike was priceless. It was extremely cool but I almost did it in my pants going up and down again on this path with the heavy GSA. You’ll see it when the movie is finished as it was impossible to stop to take pictures of me on the bike here. But the view was worth it (again):




Aug 5 2012

  1. wat zijn we weer blij om iets te horen en te zien van jou !
    heel erg dat je maat nu niet meekan hé ,
    mooie streek en mooie foto’s
    dikke knuffel

    08-06-2012, 6:47 am Reply
  2. KIM

    Moet ik bellen naar uw werk voor een week verlenging om te bekomen van uw verlof….

    08-06-2012, 8:10 am Reply
    • SEB

      Lol… denk ni dat ze dat gaan appreciëren… 😉

      08-07-2012, 4:41 pm Reply

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