Morocco 2012…

Only 3 more weeks and we will be on our way again for a (short) adventure into Morocco and the W-Sahara. Last year we went to Morocco for the first time, and this resulted in some mixed feelings. It is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries to ride a bike but you need to ‘forget’ the people… They hassle you all the time, we got rocks thrown at us (one actually did hit me on the arm while driving) and I almost got into a fight in the middle of the desert as I took a picture of camels and needed to pay for it by the owner… don’t think so… Anyways, we are going back to see all the things we didn’t see last year and this time we will be riding 2-up on the BMW R1200 GSAdventure. (the bike is called GSA for further references, but I know that some of you are not really into bike-tech-stuff so…

Basically it is a test for both of us, as we have been traveling already quite a bit, but never 2-up. And the idea is to go to Ulan Bataar (Mongolia) next year on the bike, so we’ll first test her (the bike) and the other her (Kim) and me to see if we don’t bash each others head in being all day long ‘glued’ together… I am quite confident this will be a good experience, as it will test us and the bike to see how far we can go. Me being alone on the bike with luggage is no problem, but adding Kim and some extra stuff puts a lot more weight to it (she will not like to read this, but it is what it is…) so it will make some offroad more, how shall I say this, “interesting”… 😉


Oct 9 2012


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