New Horizon for 2013…

So, you are probably thinking when you would get some news about what’s going to happen next… As you have guessed it the story ain’t over! I can’t help myself to want to see the world on two wheels, so again, taking time off from work while I can still do it, is the key to happiness and success (or frustrations and preparations?) of this kind of trips.

I am making big plans for next summer and even more time consuming preparations, as I will reveal the trip, or at least what the plan is for the moment:

So, as you can see, I will cover some ground on this one (again?!)… At this time the idea is to leave Belgium end of May 2013 as I need to go to the HUBB UK Meeting ( to give a photography workshop and do a presentation of our last trip to scandinavia and Russia etc on the DRZ’s.

So from the UK I will go across Europe (haven’t decided yet as if I will go again through the Balkans or the more conventional route) into Ukraine (as I liked it pretty much on this year’s trip) into Russia (again) then going over the Caucasus (Georgia and Armenia, maybe also Azerbaijan – not sure at this time).

South again through Turkey into Iraq, then Iran going back up into Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to go southeast again to Afghanistan. It’s also possible that I skip T’stan and Uz’stan and go from Iran straight into Afghanistan. Still checking this out with embassies and consular services as you imagine not a lot of people apply for tourist visa there… Let’s change this!

Anyways, I want to do the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan (I read that last year they issued 15 authorizations for ‘tourists’ to go there) and then head into Tajikistan for the Pamir Highway (if they’re not fighting in Khorog anymore), further north into Kyrgyzstan and then Kazachstan to enter for the second time this trip Russia, going for Mongolia and make a left turn in Ulaan Bataar to re-enter Russia for the third time, see Lake Baikal and then go all the way back in direction of Moscow and the EU through Siberia…

I will do this alone, or if I find somebody crazy enough to come with me I won’t be alone… My bike of choice will once again be my trustworthy Suzuki DRZ400E. (I really need to get some sponsorship by now from Suzuki for all the good stuff I already said about this bike!) which is already now being prepared and modified for this trip. Since the trip to N-Afrika, and then the second big trip to Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine etc I am still fine-tuning the bike, the bags and my kit, gear and stuff I take with me. It’s a never ending fine-tuning that should reach a 99% satisfactory level this time hopefully.

O yes, the idea is also to go as much off-road as possible! There’s no need for any of you to send me a mail to tell me that I am crazy, I know this already and probably longer than you do… One life, live it!

So, stay tuned for hopefully a ride of a lifetime and I will try to entertain you with some good pictures and stories as the preparations and finally the trip are going on, only 5 more months and vroem-vroem….



Dec 17 2012

  1. Ik ben reuze benieuwd! Is al dat papierenwerk al gedaan? Zal het zo iets zijn als bij die ballonvaart, dat het thuisfront zorgt voor de “beste navigatieroute”? Wij supporteren!

    12-17-2012, 8:07 pm Reply
    • SEB

      Er is eigenlijk nog niks concreets gedaan inzake het papierwerk. Wel al veel opgezocht en data beginnen prikken op de kalendervan wanneer ik welke visum kan/moet aanvragen, maar het zullen er nog verschillende onderweg worden omdat het niet zal lukken om deze al op voorhand in België te bekomen.
      Ennueh, een goed thuisfront is belangrijk he!

      12-18-2012, 7:23 am Reply
  2. ik kijk er al naar uit om jouw avonturen te volgen !
    wees voorzichtig want ik wil mijne liefste schoonzoon (ik heb er maar 1tje hé) wel heel terug zene
    tot gauw
    dikke knuffel

    12-17-2012, 9:42 pm Reply

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