New York – part I

Since we arrived last night, we already saw a little bit of Times Square, but today we wanted to see a lot more off course! We decided that we would take the ticket for the hop on/hop off bus and that way we could see uptown, downtown, midtown, brooklyn and the ferrycruise around Manhattan all for the same price!!  Seb wanted to the cruise first. We had our tickets at 11:46 am and the boat left at noon….yes you can imagine!!! We had to walk I don’t know how many blocks, but they were a lot, and then we had to walk a few more km’s on the docks, to get to the right one! We didn’t make it on time, we were 5 minutes to late (and it turned out that we were on the wrong dock anyway!!)

We decided to take the downtown tour and get off at the World Trade center stop. You couldn’t see a lot of it, because they are rebuilding two new towers and they are buidling waterfalls were the old ones used to be, so it a huge construction site! We went to Battery Park were the squirels came up to us to get some food (they were not afraid at all!!) and then we took a bus to see Brooklyn. New York is really enormous and I’m glad we didn’t have to do it all on foot, because that would have been a disaster!

This way we could get to see a lot more of the city and get a good explanation about everything.

In the evening we took the night tour, and it was freezing!!! It was cool to see all the lights of the city, just like in the movies!

Jan 30 2012


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