New York – Part II

Today we went on the uptown tour so we could see Central Park and the infamous Harlem! The first stop we did was at the Museum of New York were they give you the whole history of the city (and yes it was a small museum!!)

After this we had a stroll down Central Park, were there was only one tiny beach that was 1.5 meter wide and 3 meters long, were we could fill our pot. I think we have a total of 7 pots now with all different types of sand from different places in them (so only 80 pots to go, more or less….)

We walked the whole way from Central Park to Harlem, because they had told us that you could do some discount shopping over there. On the way to Harlem we visited a real African mini outdoor market….weird!!

Harlem itself is not that unsafe, but you really do feel white when you’re walking through it! We went to a place to get something to eat and we were the only two white people there…the other customers were the type that were saying: “what you say b#*ch, what you mean you have no French fries!! I’ma kick your ass!!”

All in all it was a great experience and we had a fun (and safe) time. We did the rest of the tour back to midtown and we spent a lazy night in the hotel so Seb could work on the movie (it’s almost finished) and the photo’s.

Jan 30 2012


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