Oh Canada!

Our arrival in Canada didn’t go unnoticed; We got fireworks at our arrival and the Royal Canadian Navy decided to play us a song or two. The fact that we arrived July 1st (Canadaday) had nothing to do with it, no-no…




We got notice that Peanut wouldn’t arrive in Halifax before another week so we had some time to kill and went for some walks, checked the Jazz Festival out, went to see what tourists need to see in Halifax and survived Hurricane Arthur.



Actually we only knew that this Hurricane would pass since one morning we found a paper on our door stating all the precautions we have to take for the Hurricane. A few hours later there was no more electricity anywhere so we decided to go downstairs and see what it was all about. In our shorts and flip-flops… They told us that the next few hours there wouldn’t be any power so we should just wait it out. Ok, no problem, “let’s get our books and make ourselves comfortable” was the idea. We got halfway until our room, as then there’s a door that requires you to use a magnetic badge to open it. But there’s no power… So the door won’t open.

We then decided to go for a walk in the city, in our shorts and flip-flops enduring 90km/hour winds and dodging falling trees and branches. We made it to a superstore, that was closed and guarded by security as result of lack of power. 2 hours later we were back on campus (we’re staying in a university) and after another few hours the electricity was back on. The next day was cloudless and we even got sunburnt while walking…


We also absolutely need to thank Cameron from the Apple store in Halifax for the cable that we much needed!

Few days later finally Peanut was there! It only took us 3 hours to do all the paperwork and release it from Customs. Thank you for this fast and pleasant experience, we heard other stories! (Sorry Mark & Corina!)

We had some hikes in the two Kejimkujik National Parks and even went for a few hours of kayaking.



Kim is pointing at where the Sea lions are:




Sorry for the bad quality of the images, but these are snapshots from the GoPro:




Jul 13 2014

  1. Peanut had gelijk….. hij moest je even laten wachten, zodat je er echt naar uitkeek…. Weer een goed begin!!!!! De foto’s zijn toch weer prachtig!

    07-14-2014, 5:26 am Reply
  2. wat geen mooie foto’s ? !!! die zijn wel heel mooi hoor!!!! wat een welkomstcomité daar voor jullie hé
    knap hoor !
    dikke knuffel van ons allemaal (ook de bomma) hahaha
    love you guy’s

    07-14-2014, 7:19 am Reply
  3. Dad

    Finally you have been to university, never too old to learn. We received a new spot for you, but sinds yours works again we will send it back (?)

    07-14-2014, 8:10 am Reply
  4. mum

    super le comité d’accueil ! 😉

    07-14-2014, 9:57 am Reply

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