PART 1 – Stavanger (N) to Geilo (N)

The first time we woke up at Anja’s place was around 7 o’clock, but we thought that was too early so we went to sleep again. The second time it was half past 10…. AAGGHH!!! Starting the day early, yeah right! Anja was our nice couch surfing host in Stavanger.

By the time we left, it was around half past 11 and we had to make up for our time because we planned on driving at least 200 km’s a day.

The drive started out nice. It was only 15°C but there was a strong and cold northern wind, which made it feel a lot colder. It started out sunny, but not long after we started, the clouds came in and the temperature dropped. Towards the evening, we were looking for a free camping spot, but there wasn’t any to our liking, so we decided to drive a little further… By that time unfortunately, we were in the mountains….and, yes, you’ve guessed it…it was COLD there! It turned out to be -5°C and there was meters high snow everywhere!!!!

“oh yes dear, let’s take a summer vacation…!”

Jun 5 2012


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