PART 2 – Geilo (N) to Trondheim (N)

When we were in Geilo we met Ruffsen, a Norwegian guy from; a Norwegian forum for 4WD travelling around the world. The guys here helped me a lot for the preparations for our trip (let’s call it our expedition from now on) to the North Cape. We had actually decided to almost turn around in search for better weather, as we were not really feeling comfortable in our summergear in these temperatures but then Ruffsen took us to a shop to buy some underpants and skigloves…. yep, we put our two pairs of summergloves away to ride now with these big winterskigloves…

But, the only thing that we did not expect or anticipate was the climate at this time… we really had everything in one day yesterday: snow, fog, rain, hail and sun… If you see signs of “summer ski centers” along the way, then you know enough, no? We’re having a day’s rest in Trondheim now as I need to work on the bikes a bit as they have suffered the last few days and to update this blog. We also passed some military installations and exercise things, asked if it was ok to take a picture, the guy needed to ask permission and after a few minutes we were granted the ok from some high ranked officer that we could take a picture! 

Also I hope to finish the first roadmovie today and be able to upload it here, so stay tuned! 

Norway is a really tremendously beautifully country but the weather is sh*t and everything is beyond expensive!!!

Jun 6 2012

  1. Dit is een verslaving van reizen, zoals ik het zie en zoals ik ook verslaafd ben aan reizen.

    06-07-2012, 1:15 pm Reply
  2. Tja vriendjes,

    ‘t kan niet overal even warm zijn als in Sri Lanka, hé

    Have fun

    Grtz/Marleen & JP

    06-08-2012, 8:13 pm Reply

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