Pictures + Kim is sick…

It seems that I will be able to upload some pictures today… We are back in Chiang Mai, need to hand the scooter back to it’s rightful owner and Kim is sick. She woke up this night and had to throw up, so she will stay in bed today while I fix everything that has to be done for the coming days. We’ll leave tomorrow for Bangkok to spend the last days there. Yes I will update as soon as possible on her situation, right now my first thought is that she ate something that didn’t work out too well..

You are warned:

Left under is Thailand, left above is Myanmar and on the right side is Laos… all within reach of swim. This is the “famous” Golden Triangle point. Except this, there’s nothing to see but a few touristshops, diningplaces and small boats going up and down the river.

Along the road we needed to stop so Kim could have a sanitary moment; I bet you’ve never went to the “toilet” with this view:

Kim being silly in a night marketshop with some glasses… 😉

Some more views from on the road in Northern Thailand, following the Laos border:



The signs are what they are… but it’s fun with no GPS and only a big map of whole Thailand trying to find your way around. of course once you are in a touristic place, they are also in English, but for our journey it was sometimes hard to find where to go…


Nov 20 2012

  1. dat kim maar gauw genezen is hé zodat jullie verder kunnen, en tja kim je mag niet alles opeten hé (grapje)
    dikke kus en veel beterschap
    love you x2
    mam en co

    11-20-2012, 9:05 am Reply
  2. mum

    Poor Kimmeke!
    hope you have some pillekes with you!
    there is no time to be sick: enjoy the last days of your holidays, before coming back to reality …

    11-20-2012, 8:03 pm Reply
  3. hoe is het ondertussen Met Kim, al beter? of heb je nu zelf ook ‘van jan’?

    11-22-2012, 9:35 am Reply

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