Preparations – part 1

We are a few weeks further now, happy New Year by the way to all, and so time to give some updates. We just completed all the papers to get 5 months time off from work so now there’s no way back! We will go to Mongolia, Afghanistan and Iraq this year on the bikes!

I say ‘we’ as in the last month Kim changed her mind (…) and decided to join the adventure. This means changing the plans a bit, also after finding new information and places to see and stuff, so now it looks a bit like this:

The other main issue is now to find a bike for her, as after some discussions we decided to go with the DRZ’s and not with better or newer (and more expensive) bikes. Thing is that you don’t find them around every corner, so everyday we’re looking for this on the net. Anyways, I think it’s good news that she will join me, so we can do this together (maybe somebody else will still join us, who knows…) but this also means a big difference on the financial side of things. Once we found a bike for her, we’ll start asking for the visa for Russia and Kazakhstan, as those will be the first two big ‘problems’ concerning paperwork. Once we have these we can start trying to get all the other visa for Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran etc. The Visa for Mongolia we will fix when we are in Kazakhstan.

We are also trying to find some sponsors, not big ones (as we understand that this is maybe not the right time in the actual economy) but smaller things can and will make the difference for us. Our first sponsor is found, but more about this soon on a different page that I will make just for those who will help us a bit making those big travels possible.

My bike should be ready within the next three weeks or so, as I changed again a lot of stuff since the last trip to make things better. Or at least so I think…


Jan 28 2013


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