Preparations – part 2

Again, we are a few weeks later and only 3 more months before we will start our next big trip. You will find an updated map here, should be around right now, although as we are fully aware a lot can still change, due to our progression but also due to politics and other ‘problems’ that can occur anywhere in the world, especially in the ‘stans…

The other good news is that we found a bike for Kim. Also a DRZ that looks really good. The mechanics are now looking at it and doing some work that needs to be done to change some stuff. I got my bike back last saturday after it stayed a really long time with the mechanics as I needed to change a lot more on my bike, including a new custom made exhaust, racks, other subframe (the original one cracked on the last trip) etc. I was happy as a kid when I finally had my bike back, but… the bike is not ok! So I will need to bring her back, again, to check her out. This was not in the plans, that’s for sure! The problem is that the bike stalls a lot, I mean when I’m at a red light and want to take off she just dies… I don’t understand it, she never had that problem before. Anyway,so were are still not ready to take off…

Other thing, I was looking at the visas wee need to get, wanted to apply for the first in a long row this week when I counted the number of pages left in Kim’s passport. She still has 7 double pages… we need at least 9 visa… and some stamps… bugger! So now she’s off for a new passport, wich will delay all my visa requests with two weeks again. If you don’t have a clue how visa works for countries like Russia, Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan, just be happy that you haven’t actually been confronted with this “marathon”. It’s not like boarding a plane and just getting a stamp when you arrive… I wish it was! On the other hand, this is also what defines overland adventure traveling on a motorbike across half of the world.

Other news: We will be shooting a lot of video footage, as the idea is to make a decent DVD when we are back. So the movies on the road on the blog will be limited (unless I am bored waiting somewhere for a visa…) but the small stories and pictures will be even more there, especially the pictures, as if we talk too much, none of you will ever buy our DVD… 😉

Please also consider making a small donation towards this trip. All the info you can find on the sponsorpage but basically it comes down to this: it will be a very expensive trip and we need your support to make it happen. We could lie to the whole world and ride for some sort of charity, so you would easier give some cash for this, or we can be honest and just say that any help would be greatly appreciated. We have made some stickers with our logo, they are weather proof and look really good! But if you have some more money to spare, you can buy your sticker that we will put up somewhere far and remote, take a picture of it, share it on the blog and send you the original. Of course, the more popular regions for this are likely to get taken soon, so if you want “your” sticker to be put in Mongolia, Siberia or Afghanistan, don’t wait to long for showing some support, the biggest sponsors get the best spots of course! But don’t feel obligated, it’s all completely free… we won’t look at you any different than we do now if or if not you give us fuelmoney…

Having said this, we are also waiting that an article will be published in a local newspaper about our trip, so once we have it, of course we will put it up on the blog as well. Enough said, need time to continue preparations so stay tuned for the next updates and our final departure on the 28th of May 2013 for a 5 months adventurous trip that you won’t find easily anywhere else!


Feb 28 2013


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