Preparations – part 3

And we continue to change plans… In the meantime we have the ambitious plan to do this route instead of the previous mentioned one(s). We are fully aware that it will still change a bit but this is what we would like to do… the big ??? is about Afghanistan and the Arab Peninsula especially Yemen as it can also be a problem. Saudi Arabia is a no go for sure as they do not allow women to drive any type of vehicle, so I could go and leave Kim but that’s just something one doesn’t do, right? The good thing about ending in Dubai or so is that we could relax in the sun the last few days before going home, to the cold and wet okt/nov months. Still looking to ship/fly the bikes back from Dubai to EU then, but more on this later when the time comes. For now we will be on a short one week holiday to the sun and then we are back we start applying for the visas… finally!

Mar 4 2013


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