Preparations – part 5

Time is flying and so it’s only a mere few weeks before we will leave again. In the meantime the visas for Kazachstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are sorted out and also the GBAO permit for Tajikistan. Our passports are currently at the Russian Consulate so next week this should be fixed also. I will really be glad when the “paper nightmare” is over…

In the meantime we also got interviewed and there’s been an article in the local newspaper. It is in dutch, so sorry, no translation, but you don’t miss too much, as there are quite some errors in it. But still, it’s nice to have articles about your trips!

We also bought two e-readers, since traveling with books is always a problem: they are heavy and take up a lot of space. With the digital version we won’t have these problems any more and we can take more than a few books with us, since we like reading and on a computer screen or iphone it’s really not good for some relax time in or around the tent at the end of a day. The bikes are also completely prepped up, just need to change one last tire and we are ready to go, finally! For months we are busy with this trip and now it all goes really quick as it’s almost there. Just have the feeling that I forgot so many things that have to be done…

We are on our final countdown; only 14 more working days for us and then for 6 months we won’t have to go to work anymore… Adventure here we come!


Apr 16 2013


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