Rain, rain, go away….

The first few days were wet, to say the least. If I thougth it was pooring in England, well then Germany, Poland and Ukraine were being hosed down by the forces up above! Streets were flooded with mud because the fields next to it couldn’t swallow the water anymore. Fields themselves were turned into lakes and even some houses were under water… But we still managed to find places with funny names:

When the first day of off road driving was there, guess what, it stopped raining for a few hours, so that was amazing. The roads were muddy and wet, but at least we could start our offroad trip in “sunny” weather. The day was quite eventfull for me though….

I remembered that Seb had once told me that when I see mull sand, I have to give a little bit more gas and speed up instead of slowing down like I always did. Being a good student and all, I wanted to make the hubby proud, so when I saw sand, I went for it…. Yes, you can guess it, my interpretation of a little bit was actually a lot… I noticed that the front wheel went one way and that I went the other. The next thing I know was Seb standing over me, looking at me and saying : “oh wait, I have to take my camera….” Oh well, in the end I only had a scar on my nose from where the sunvisor hit it when I went down, so off we went for the next bit.

Something told me that I hadn’t seen the ground good enough, so an hour later I was back down, trying to figure out what just happened. This time I was nice enough to take Seb down with me (hehe).  Apparently I landed straight on my knee because there is a big bruise on top of it.

So after one day I am bruised and battered but still alive and kicking. I only hope that I won’t feel like an 80 year old tomorrow….

We also enjoyed some local architecture in the fields and small towns:

We probably won’t have internet for the next 2 or 3 days, so don’t expect an update before then. Next one should be in Kiev if all goes well…

Jun 5 2013

  1. mum

    never said that the beginning of your trip would be easy!
    a mud bath? that’s so good for your health: wish I could have one as well … 😉

    06-05-2013, 9:38 pm Reply
  2. Ja wadde, nummer 1 vergeet te tanken, nummer 2 vergeet ‘recht te blijven’………

    last van Alzheimer light? 🙂

    Blijkbaar gaat ‘het wolkje’ ook graag op reis en is ze een groooooote fan van jullie. 1 troost, ze heeft daar een heel stuk land verzopen.

    Have fun en blijft recht

    JP & Marleen

    06-06-2013, 6:20 am Reply
  3. Schoon velleke, iedereen jaloers…!!!! Warre

    06-09-2013, 5:44 am Reply

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