The big change

It’s been a while since our last update but it’s not without a reason. We drove Peanut all the way east again towards the point where we started this trip, Halifax (Canada). We had been talking a lot the last few weeks and we had both come to the conclusion that we wanted to be on the motorbikes again, so we did the most illogical thing we could think of…

We shipped Peanut back to Belgium, we bought two Honda CB 1100 retro bikes and we are prepping them as we speak to fly them from Europe to Los Angeles to start the second stretch of our America’s trip. A Honda CB some of you will think, that’s not a proper adventure bike?! Well yes, we want to do something a bit more special on a one of a kind bike that once ruled the world of motorcycles!


Rewind to the Horizons Unlimited meeting in California a couple of weeks ago, where we gave our presentation to nearly 300 people. There we met Mark Kincart from KLÍM. From the first moment we hit it off together and Mark invited us to come to their office headquarters in Idaho Falls.

Two weeks later we were there and we have become partners with KLÍM technical riding gear and they gave us all the necessary riding gear plus some casual wear, so at least we will not have to ride butt naked… Mark has shown us their offices in Idaho Falls and we were given a tour of the building and the gear so we could experience first hand why the KLÍM gear is so good.

For the panniers we chose to work together with Hepco & Becker luggage systems as we wanted to put the Explorer cases on the CB, as they fit nice and are big enough to hold all our gear. Seb’s panniers are black to go with his black bike and my panniers are silver to go with my white bike.



We still had some space left on the bikes and needed some extra storage room so who else to partner up with than Wolfman motorcycle luggage? A Timberwolf Tank bag and an Expedition Dry Duffel bag will do the trick on both bikes!

The bikes will be flown over to Los Angeles somewhere the second week of December by James Cargo services, another one of our partners. We just have to drop off the bikes and the keys and they will do the rest so we don’t have any stress before we start, great service!

On the 7th of December we will fly from London to Los Angeles to start another epic adventure on our bikes and we will make our way further south, direction of Argentina!


Nov 12 2014

  1. amaaai mooie mensen en mooie moto’s !!!!!
    mooie kleding en mooie foto’s !!!!!!
    voor de rest , maak er een fijne reis van !!!
    dikke knuffel
    mam en pap

    11-12-2014, 5:24 pm Reply
    Ik kijk al enorm uit naar jullie moves on the bikes!!!! Wees voorzichtig!

    11-12-2014, 5:26 pm Reply
  3. mum

    Seb & K(l)im rule the world!
    that’s my boy & girl!
    love you guys …
    wishing you a tremendous adventure!

    11-12-2014, 5:41 pm Reply
  4. Good idea, and very nice bikes. I wish you good and interesting journey. )

    11-13-2014, 8:28 am Reply
  5. Y a que les idiots qui ne changent pas d’avis. Retour à vos premières amours, la moto, comme je vous comprends… Profitez!!!

    11-13-2014, 10:22 am Reply
  6. Fijne en veilige reis in de big state.

    11-28-2014, 1:44 pm Reply
  7. Once a biker, always a biker…

    11-28-2014, 2:37 pm Reply
    • SEB

      True… 😉

      11-28-2014, 2:54 pm Reply

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