It has been a while since you last heard anything from us, but this is due to the fact that we had to try to get back to our old, normal and boring mundane life after 4 months on the motorcycles to the far east. Do all the stuff normal people do. Go to work, pay taxes, buy stuff… This is not working out too well for us. So, we decided to do it. Once more. We’ll go for it completely this time. Can it be any more adventurous than the last trip you are thinking? Well yes and no actually. What are we talking about??? Let me give you a self explanatory list:

  • Buying maps from far-away places: check!
  • Selling the bikes: check!
  • Giving away all our stuff: check!
  • Selling the apartment: check!
  • Quitting our jobs: check!
  • Leaving home without any fixed plan(s): check!
  • Starting a new “Round The World” adventure: check-check-check!

In other words, we will leave Belgium on June 6th (D-Day!!!) for a new adventure. We don’t know how long it will take, where it will end or even go as we have nothing anymore except the stuff that we take with us on our journey.

Are we crazy? Yes maybe… But after our last few big trips we can’t manage life ‘at home’ anymore.  So we decided to leave it all behind and just go. No fixed plan, no fixed timing just a general idea; let’s go West and then South for a few months or longer and we’ll see where life will take us.

For those of you who haven’t already, have a look at our new website! The url is still the same; but of course you’ll continue to get the updates in you mailbox. The blog from last trip to Mongolia and Central Asia remains online, so for those who have missed it and are interested, have a look. In the meantime you can also find us on facebook:

Allright, that’s it for now, we’ll introduce you to  new member of the family and give a bit more details about this trip soon… 😉

Seb & Kim

PS: sommigen onder jullie krijgen deze mail voor het eerst, als je deze updates niet meer wil ontvangen, gewoon op ‘afmelden’ klikken en je krijgt geen mails meer van ons 😉