The Hubb UK, a fast visit in Belgium and on to Iceland!


Going to the Hubb is always a treat! You meet people who want to travel, people who have been on long trips/adventures and people who just want to show off their shiny (new) bikes. Going to the Hubb is like going to a festival or an amusement park, you go there to relax, have some fun and mingle. It was also nice to see some people again from last year and to make new acquaintances.

Belgium was a short 24 hours break in between. We just went there so we could put Peanut on the ship towards Canada and so we could finally say our goodbeyes to friends and family.

We had a small gettogether in a local bar and Seb’s mum had had a special cake made for us. We were glad to feel surrounded by so many loving people but it was a shame that we didn’t have enough time to talk to everyone. Oh well, we’ll invite everyone to our housewarming in Tenerife one day…


We knew a bit about Iceland before we left :

  1. it is cold there
  2. it is wet there
  3. it is windy there

Well all of this turned out to be true in the end, even in ‘summer time’.





If we can get you one advice when you go to Iceland it is that you should always take the following items : a tripod, a frying pan and a pair of sunglasses.

Why you need the tripod is very simple. When you step out of the car and are headed towards an amazing waterfall, you will need the tripod to hit the birds that are eating your hair while you are taking a picture of the waterfall….





The frying pan is off course also a no brainer! Take it with you when you go to see one of the many hot springs on the island. You can take some fish with you that you caught somewhere in the lakes surrounding them and fry the fish over the hot spring in the frying pan. This way you can make some money if you sell them to one of the hundreds of tourists that are looking sheepishly to the natural phenomenons.




Last but not least, let us not forget the sunglasses. These come in handy when you go shopping in Iceland. You will definitely not be able to even just buy bread at the prices they are charging here, so you will of course need to steal it… Since the police are so busy and all around you (we saw 1 policecar in 2200km) they will catch you and throw you in jail (I don’t even know if they have one). When you are released after custody, you will need to put on the sunglasses because all the reporters there who are working for one of the many newspapers on the island (and yes there are more than 2!) will blind you with their flashes so they can put your face on the front paper!! They have nothing else to report anywway, as nothing ever happens…




Ok, I am kidding off course! We loved the splendid nature that Iceland has to offer, it really changes every few kilometres and it didn’t cease to amaze us. We had a great time there even though we had real shitty weather most of the time and we will definitely go back one day when we win the lottery….









Jul 3 2014

  1. mum

    as usual, beautiful pics ! what an amazing nature. love the carved tree, eventhough he looks a bit sad: sad because you’re leaving ??? 😉

    07-05-2014, 9:27 am Reply

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