After all the excitement of the canyoning and getting a visa extension to stay a little longer in Iran, it was time again to be alone for a while in the nature of Iran and visit some of Iran’s most well known places, but first another few days through the desert:

West of Esfahan are the Zagros Mountains. This mountain range has some some stunning scenery to offer:

This area is still inhabited by nomads and goat herders:

Local baker with fresh bread:

I invited the local youth to spend the evening with me in the van, and the next morning helped some stranded Iranis without diesel.

And after that there is Shushtar with its historical hydraulic systems:

Further west I also visited Ghogha Zanbil. Being there off season and early I had the complete site for me alone!

One thing I really wanted to see in this area was the Margoon waterfall. I wasn’t disappointed! If you look closely on the pictures, you can see a man with a blue shirt, just to give you an idea of the magnitude of the waterfall(s).

Finding secluded places to enjoy loneliness becomes a second nature after a while. I had to walk up the mountain and wait for 5 minutes to get a 1 bar Edge cellphone coverage… And although you can’t see it on the picture, it is actually freezing!

Time to visit was is probably thé most visited tourist place in the whole of Iran; Persepolis.

And the nearby Pasargadae also deserves a visit of course, to see the tomb of Cyrus the Great and have a walk around. But you need some imagination as alsmost nothing remains of the ancient city.

Time to head to Shiraz, together with Esfahan and Yazd one of the most visited places in Iran.

A visit to the Pink Mosque was number one on my agenda, and it is something spectacular to see in the morning:

The tilework and decorations are just amazing!

Next stop, the Shahcheragh Holy Shrine with the millions of little mirrors inside:


An oilchange later and we’re back on the road to the south, I need some sea and a beach!