Tsetserleg – few days of rest

So, what has happened in the meantime? We arrived in Tsetserleg and had a couple of days rest. We actually didn’t have a proper rest since leaving home, 7 weeks ago now, so it was really time to not ride the bikes for a few days. Certainly after Kim’s last update… You all know what I mean.

Actually there’s not a lot to do or see here except maybe this:

So we did nothing but watch some series on the laptop and planning the next trip. I kid you not… We won’t spoil the surprise with the where and whens as our bosses might read this also…

And working on the bike, which wasn’t always easy when a Mongol is breathing down your neck, but the good thing is that in the end he helped a bit as I was short of a proper tool for something.

Remember that I was cursing in Ukraine (looooong time ago already) as we had to stop every hour to tighten everything? Well now I finally took the time to have a descent look and the thing that I feared has become reality: a part of the chassis is actually broken. This is the bit where the saddle and my rear rack with the pelicase (where I put in the laptop, camera and all other electronics) are attached to. Problem is that this is made out of Aluminum and just forget to find an alu-welder here… So we did the only thing that made sense, get the rack with the peli of the bike and put all that stuff in my backpack. I will probably regret this later, but for now it makes the most sense as welding is not an option (it’s holding with ducktape and loctite now…). And actually last trip this same piece had broken off also, so I think that the (extreme) off road in combination with the pelicase is not a good idea on this bike. So time to get rid of it and rearrange a bit the load on both bikes now.

So tomorrow, saturday, we’ll be going again! If all goes well we should be able to find and see a waterfall here in Mongolia and then we continue in direction of Ulaanbaatar… (Seb)


Jul 19 2013

  1. love ducktape and loctite:-)
    al goed dat je dat allemaal kan hé seb, anders stond je daar maar met die mongool die er niks van kent 🙂
    dikke knuffel
    mama en papa

    07-20-2013, 7:23 am Reply

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