Did you see it? We have a new website!

Other than that, what has been happening the last few weeks? Between Sebastian making the new website and me playing around on the bike to have some more pictures before we leave, we also had to arrange the shipping of the bikes, our plane tickets and find lodging both in London and Los Angeles until we have our bikes back (and our tent!), get insurance for the bikes in the USA and other boring, time consuming and nerve breaking things. And try to see the family and friends… pfff… we’ll be glad to be back on the road, almost less stressful than being “home”.



Oh, and we also wanted heated grips for the colder weather and having the first 1000km service interval done by the Honda dealer. 😉


So while the mechanic was busy, we tried to look busy. Seb decided to start having fun with LEGO while on this trip so you’ll have to use your imagination from time to time…



We have managed to pack everything on the bikes and we found out that we even had some room left this time. Some people say that they don’t like the look of our Xplorer side cases from Hepco & Becker because they look too bulky on the bikes, but I have to disagree. For me the combination of these side cases and the retro motorcycle scream ‘adventure back in time’ and at least they are spacious enough to fit all our gear!


On the 4th of December we are going towards London where we and the bikes will fly to Los Angeles to start the next chapter in our adventure book…

Last drinks before going!


Nov 28 2014

  1. Hows the vibration on the bikes around 70mph? I had a 70 cb750 and might get a cb1100 and hows the mileage?..

    11-28-2014, 1:45 pm Reply
    • SEB

      We didn’t experience any annoying vibrations when riding, only when stationary there’s vibration, so you need to hold your steering if you want to look into the rear view mirror when at a red light or so! I went to 90mph without problem, she has plenty power left, but then the wind gets too strong anyway for a pleasant ride. The mileage kind of suck to be honest. She’s more fuel consuming than our previous bikes (BMW F800GS & 1200GSA), but then she’s also a naked and we wanted them more for the looks than anything else (doesn’t make any sense for world travelling, we know…). I think it depends what you want the bike for if it would be a good choice or not, but then that’s always the case, no? We decided to buy the bikes to keep them “forever” and use them later for commuting when we settle down again, some day, somewhere. Hope this helps.

      11-28-2014, 2:04 pm Reply
  2. Ziet er goed uit! Weer mooie foto’s. Ik denk dat de cases vooral “gerieflijk en veilig” moeten zijn, en zo ziet dat er toch uit. Voornaamste is dat jullie er mee tevreden zijn! Lets GOOOOOO!

    11-28-2014, 2:46 pm Reply
  3. Hi both, have to agree bikes with panniers and all have a nice retro look of another era about them! And give a nice feel to the pictures you’ve taken of them even with the two riders!! Haha

    11-28-2014, 4:04 pm Reply

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