Viva Las Vegas!


After the meeting we went for a walk in Yosemite NP and from the top of one of the domes there, we had an amazing view of the mountains and the surrounding area.


We had heard that it had snowed in Yosemite the day before and we still saw some snow here and there. Time for a cute miniature snowman!


From Yosemite onwards, we wanted to make a small detour to Goldfield because we wanted to go see a car graveyard. It was out in the middle of the desert and it looked awesome! All these cars have been placed on their bumpers so they were sticking out towards the sky and some of them had some real cool paintings on them. At night it made for some real cool pictures.










Before we got to the graveyard, we met up with Anders and Petra, who are on their round the world tour for 16 months now. We camped together at the graveyard, had a small dinner together and we would even meet up with each other in Las Vegas in the same hotel! How small the world can be.

The town of Goldfield was like looking at the past, with all these old cool buildings and weird shops. It felt as if we had been blasted back in time, so we took a while to wander around there before we headed off towards Death Valley.


In Death Valley we wanted to see some weird rocks that moved on their own through the fields, but the road to get there was a bit too tricky for Peanut, so we decided to skip it after all. Instead we saw some Spanish style castle in the middle of the desert, surrounded by lush green plants and trees and we went to look at a huge crater.


At the border of Death Valley there were also some salt flats and there was even a sign saying that we were 85.5 meters below sea level at that point! I was holding my breath the whole time…






After such a hard drive through the hot desert, we decided that we had earned another relaxing day at Las Vegas, so we booked ourselves into a hotel in the old part of Las Vegas where we stayed for 2 nights and met up again with Anders and Petra. We had to see the nightlife of Vegas and we just wanted to get the vibe of the place and oh boy, we did! There was a biker meeting around the time we were there and the place was surrounded by big hairy dudes on cool custom made bikes! The place is buzzing the whole time with scarcely dressed men and women (good looking but also very weird looking), drunken people, poor people and a lot of noise and light!





Oct 9 2014

  1. mum

    Furnace Creek, Death Valley, Las Vegas … yes we’ve been there too. Nice memories …

    10-10-2014, 6:05 am Reply
  2. cool hé !!!! mijn woorden zijn op !!! zo mooi xxxxxx
    mam en pap en bomma en de rest hahaha xxx

    10-10-2014, 7:28 am Reply
  3. Er zitten weer knappe foto’s bij! Indrukwekkende beelden. Geniet maar verder van jullie trip want hier ziet de toekomst er somber uit (kijk maar op de sites van de syndicaten…). Als je toch nog terug zou willen komen… denk maar een paar keer na… Amuseer jullie nog!

    10-13-2014, 9:11 am Reply

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