Kim grew up in a little village with only 30 people and never thought she would see the world. After a career in Belgian Law Enforcement, she became a commercial agent and tourguide on a submarine on the island of Tenerife, talking about a career switch! She likes to read, see “girly” stuff on a tv, drink a hot chocolate when it is cold, loves to travel but also likes to connect with family and friends. What opportunities will the future bring her?


The man with the plan… After a career in law enforcement in Belgium he became a successful real estate agent in the Canary Islands. Sebastian is always eager to discover new places and he definitely likes adventure and to experience new things. Too long in the same place doing the same thing is definitely not his vision on life. But on the other side he also loves to read or to play on a Playstation, likes to know how stuff works, likes mechanics and motorcycles. Boys will be boys…


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