Peanut and the two monkeys… ;-)

“In two weeks our lives will never be the same again.” I have heard these words spoken by friends, relatives, people passing me by in the streets, but it is the first time that I take them in my mouth! The last few months we have said our goodbyes to family and friends, we visited some places for the last time, we laughed and cried for the last time in our apartment in Antwerp and we said our goodbyes to our lovely city. We are leaving for an indefinite period but not on two wheels this time. Since we sold everything and wanted to take all our earthly belongings with us, we came to the decision that we would opt for a Mercedes Sprinter. We were both head over heals in love with our baby when we saw him for the first time. Even the colour didn’t scare us off…sorry Michael! Looking at him, we immediately knew his name would have to be Peanut (those who know Jef -fa- fa Dunham know why, those who don’t…look him up, he is funny!).


Peanut was almost ready to go, but we changed a few here and there odds and ends. We took away the legs of the table, so we had more storage space. We made a new bed and bolted it in its place where the table used to be and we took out the child’s bed so Seb could create some extra storage space.






We even installed our very detailed, high-tech, modern navigational system… With it, we have absolutely no chance of getting lost, right!?


We are still doing some very last bits to get Peanut ready in time for his first big adventure with his two proud new owners!!!

We already wanted to make a test run with Peanut last Saturday, so we went camping near the Noordkasteel in Antwerp, just to see if there were still some improvements to be made. Peanut passed the test with flying colours and we really can’t wait until the 6th of June so we can ride off into the sunset towards Scotland for the beginning of our new adventure!!

May 20 2014

  1. hahaha mooie peanut !!!! ben benieuwd wat jullie nu weer allemaal gaan uitsteken !!!!
    love you guy’s xxx
    mam en pap

    05-20-2014, 8:31 pm Reply
  2. Knap “karreke”! Op 6/06/2014, DE datum, zullen we de vergadering PVSO Antwerpen openen met een bezoekje aan de site! Kwestie om onze vliegende reporters te promoten! Ik tel mee af!

    05-21-2014, 7:06 am Reply
    • SEB

      Bedankt! Nog maar een weekje… 😉

      05-28-2014, 11:57 pm Reply

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